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When looking to source strong sales management talent, it's common practice to look within your own sales team for high performers. However, sometimes what makes an outstanding sales professional doesn't always translate to what makes a great sales team leader. Managing a team of reps simply requires different skills than managing a set of accounts.

To help your sales managers build the knowledge, understanding and skill it takes to lead a team towards success, consider Building & Leading a Sales Team. This modular 1-2 day course will provide sales managers the essentials they'll need to guide a team with strength. Unlike other programs centered on theory, Building & Leading a Sales Team leverages real-life, hands-on training specific to the challenges and situations your managers are facing.

This program aims to provide broad management education for sales leaders, focusing on a number of topics in two key areas:

Planning & Managing the Business
  • Managing the sales process
  • Sales planning - handling the numbers
  • Sales culture - upholding team objectives & standards
  • Balancing time & money for the highest ROI
  • Conducting meetings that matter
Developing & Managing Relationships
  • Interviewing tips & techniques for hiring top sales candidates
  • Developing a winning team - achieving success together
  • Effective communication with reps - fostering motivation, feedback & morale
  • Talent management - creating & maintaining a team of high performers
  • Leveraging your management style to drive group success

Prior to implementation, we will work with you to determine which of the above modules will make up your Building & Leading a Sales Team program, ensuring your customized training program caters specifically to the needs and objectives of your team.