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As a value leader in today's business environment, you're probably all too familiar with the sales hurdles your team faces. It's tough out there! On a regular basis, they're dealing with things like:  

  • Aggressive competition
  • More demanding & knowledgeable customers
  • Powerful gatekeepers (and more of them!)
  • Longer & more complex sales cycles
  • Consolidation leading to fewer, larger opportunities
  • Vendor auctions & RFPs
  • Commoditization

So, how can you arm your sales force in the face of an increasingly difficult selling environment? With IMPAX's Strategic Account Sales training. This course will help your sales team win more business by establishing consistent methodology and language across the organization. Additionally, it provides the necessary tools for developing powerful, value-based relationships with customers and overcoming the tough challenges of today's business environment.

Strategic Account Sales seeks to provide the path for becoming a trusted advisor to your customers. Our methodology creates efficiency around sales activities and behaviors that generate the most success, helping your salespeople optimize their time & efforts towards opportunities that can be won, and as a result, close more business.

The workshop itself is a highly-interactive three day program focused on advancing your team's value selling skills. It's also live-account based, meaning each of your participants will be working on live opportunities in their pipeline over the course of three days. The Strategic Account Sales content is split into three key sales categories:

  • Research - efficiently understanding the customer's business and needs. This section helps sales professionals ask the right research questions and build relationships, aligning them with influence to understand the organization's leadership, challenges, goals and objectives. Critical topics in this section are "the coach network" and "research meetings", and how we can develop and leverage both to increase our success.
  • Communication - leveraging our research and relationships to identify, gain and maintain access to decision makers, as well as deal effectively with gatekeepers trying to block us.
  • Presentation - developing and delivering compelling, customer-focused business presentations that drive action and demonstrate why a relationship with your organization can help achieve the prospect's business objectives, address key issues and implement critical strategies. 

For more information on our methodology and implementation, visit Our Process or contact us today!