Mark Shonka

Qualification Tip - Follow Up 2

Another unique qualification challenge is for the person whose pipeline is strong. These people don’t need to add a lot to their pipeline to be successful so they may be prone to too easily dismissing opportunities.

For those people, a couple of reminders…

First, consider the...

Brittany Shonka

Breaking Through to the C-Suite

The C-suite. For many of us in sales, it’s the pinnacle. After all, if you can break through to C-level executives, you can have massive impact on the business in the form of big-dollar deals.

But, to gain access to the top, we must elevate our sales game. That means...

Brittany Shonka

Showing Up for Sales Success

“80 percent of life is just showing up.” Many of us have heard at least one iteration of this famous Woody Allen quote. But have you ever considered its meaning? Are these famous words relevant to the modern B2B sales professional?

Yes. And more than ever before.

I know...

Brittany Shonka

Upcoming LinkedIn Webinar

IMPAX will be hosting an upcoming webinar for B2B sales professionals looking to improve their use of LinkedIn to drive the sales process. We'd love for you to join us!

For additional information on the webinar's content, date & time, and registration information,...