Mark Shonka

December 2015 Tip: How It's Going

At first glance, it could be easy to think that the title of this Tip is misspelled. After all, "How's it going?" is a common question and greeting. No, the title of this Tip seeks to make a different point. It is intended to get us thinking about how our relationships with customers are going...

Mark Shonka

June 2015 Tip: Think Bigger

Earlier this month a long-time friend and client shared the same perspective with us twice in the same week—that the IMPAX Process is much more than a sales and/or account management process. Done right, it is an organization-wide initiative that can impact a company's business results.

Mark Shonka

May 2015 Tip: What's the Problem?

It is inevitable. In any customer relationship, there is going to be an issue from time to time. Most of them are relatively minor and easily resolved. Some of them are significant, and can threaten the relationship’s future. Some of the issues are your company’s fault, and some not. Maybe you...