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The secret to increasing your sales team's success is really no secret at all. To help them win more business, you need to build around the behaviors and activities that produce the best results! It seems simple, yet many organizations struggle to chart their course for sales excellence.

To help you create an integrated sales operations platform mapping your sales process to best practices, IMPAX offers our Sales Process Mapping consulting service. Working together, we can develop a process which:

  • Promotes higher close rates
  • Shortens the sales cycle
  • Preserves critical resources
  • Provides tools that enable the sales force & drives critical efficiency

The Sales Process Mapping service is interactive & comprehensive. Our development process involves representation from across business units that affect sales (e.g., operations, marketing, etc.). Together, we'll establish consistent, company-wide definitions for key terms and identify where various resources plug into the sales process.

The resulting sales process map provides transparency, helping your sales management develop reliable forecasts, identify skill gaps & pinpoint coaching opportunities.