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For organizations looking to improve their sales prospecting efforts, conduct better research and enrich their understanding of business and solution fits with customers, value mapping may be the key. 

To help you, IMPAX offers the Value Mapping consulting service. Upon partnering, IMPAX will work with a cross-functional team from your company to delve into value from the customer perspective. Together we'll identify:

  • Who typical "key players" are
  • What these key players are interested in
  • The value you may be able to offer each

Afterwards, we'll shift perspectives and look at value from a product or service level. By defining and understanding the intrinsic value created by your offering, together we can develop strong messages for your company as a whole.

At the conclusion of our work together, you'll have a comprehensive picture of your value and the tools to communicate it clearly to customers, helping strengthen your presence and win more business.