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It's been said before, "the longer you've worked with a customer, the less you probably know about them." Think about it! Your salespeople work incredibly hard to bring in new customers, researching & relationship-building to understand their business. Then upon closing the deal, they work hard to deliver against customer expectations and lose track of cultivating the client relationship. At best, it may be hard to expand your business; at worst, you may have opened the door for your competition.

The IMPAX NxtGen(tm) Account Management program ensures your team has the knowledge and skill to foster client relationships and grow their book of business. This interactive, blended 2-3 day program introduces participants to the IMPAX NxtGen(tm) methodology, a step-by-step account management process which allows them to position your company as a committed partner and trusted advisor. By teaching your sales team how to understand and position the value created in the relationship and penetrate client organizations more deeply, we help you efficiently and effectively grow your margins.

To drive accountability and confidence in using the process, IMPAX NxtGen(tm) Account Management is live-account based. Throughout each section of the course, attendees will learn by applying the concepts and tools personally to a live client opportunity in their funnel. At the conclusion of three days, your sales team will have the ability to create competitive immunity by:

  • Preparing & building an effective, actionable account plan
  • Updating business knowledge, gauging customer satisfaction & understanding value driven by the partnership through productive research meetings
  • Building & leveraging coach networks
  • Gaining & maintaining access to key decision makers
  • Developing & regularly delivering relationship review presentations that compel decision makers and differentiate you competitively
  • Dealing successfully with those trying to block or restrict you

Ultimately, training your team on the IMPAX methodology gives them the tools to keep their competitive edge sharp and business partnerships strong - ensuring the growth and vitality of your organization for years to come. Contact us about it today!