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The world is rapidly changing - increasingly, we are operating in a digital world, and major generational shifts are happening in the workforce. To maximize effectiveness, sales needs to evolve, too.

IMPAX is proud to offer a ground-breaking new online sales training program - IMPAX NxtGen Selling (Digital Course)

Course Description:

Value-leading organizations are facing an array of trends that are challenging their ability to achieve broad-based and sustainable growth. These trends include:

  • Business being conducted digitally and virtually (by choice and out of necessity)
  • Commoditization of value by the rise of procurement
  • Disruptive competitive environments
  • Changing role of sales within the customer experience
  • Shifting generational dynamics within the sales team and customer organization

The reality for strategic sales professionals is tough. They are faced with needing to adapt to and address these critical market trends while executing the business strategy and driving profitable growth.

Research indicates there will be significantly fewer sales professionals in the near future; those who attempt to serve existing demand with a transactional relationship are likely to see their jobs replaced by artificial intelligence or outsourced to off-shore remote sales firms. The truly "consultative" sales professional will realize continued opportunity through their ability to position themselves as a strategic resource to their customers. 

The IMPAX NxtGen(tm) Selling digital course is an engaging digital learning experience designed to help B2B sales professionals more effectively position their value to customers - supporting their need to differentiate from competition and accelerate performance and success.

Course Objectives:

Participants in this course will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase productivity by:

  • Aligning to customer opportunities that represent the highest probability of fit
  • Developing a deep understanding of the customer's business direction
  • Creating a relationship strategy to gain access to senior-level decision makers
  • Delivering high-impact business presentations that drive action
  • Positioning value over price

Digital Course Outline:


Course Delivery:

 This learning experience is offered in two formats:

  1. As a standalone digital learning option, complete with basic certification; 
  2. As a blended-delivery solution:
    • Part one: Self-directed online learning (completing the digital course)
    • Part two: Virtual or in-person application workshop implementing concepts to a live opportunity in each participant's funnel.


Course Highlights:

Self-directed: This digital course provides sales and account management professionals the opportunity to take control of their learning experience, allowing them to progress at a pace comfortable to them. 

Active digital learning experience: This course was developed to utilize true digital curriculum vs simply providing online videos. Whereas the latter creates a passive, one-way experience, this digital course requires the learner to actively engage with the content in order to advance. Throughout each module, there are interactive experiences, activities, and knowledge checks that drive learning.
Check out the short video clip below for an example:


Modular approach: IMPAX's digital course has been developed with the adult learner in mind. Adults engage in professional development to serve a specific purpose or goal, and they expect to understand what they'll learn and where they are in the process. Through a consistent, modular approach, this course aligns to both needs. 

Continuous learning: Finally, this course provides ongoing, continuous access to digital content, helping to drive long-term reinforcement and application of key concepts.

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