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As a sales leader, chances are good you've experienced a team member frustrated with the following: "I've done good research. I believe we have a good solution and a business fit. I just don't have anyone to tell this story to!"

It's critical as value-leaders that your salespeople get to the decision maker. Where departments like Procurement look to strip away your value to get the lowest cost, decision makers are the people who can appreciate and buy your value. 

For teams looking to improve their ability to get to higher-level decision makers, IMPAX offers the Accessing Senior-Level Decision Makers skills workshop. In this program, we work with participants on how to identify decision makers and professional access strategies for reaching them, including:

  • Leveraging your network & coaches
  • Using your leadership team
  • Making a (professional) personal request, and
  • The IMPAX access request

As sales professionals, we all know it's not enough to get in front of these people once; we need to be so good we get invited back. With our Accessing Senior-Level Decision Makers skills program, IMPAX will help your team build the confidence and technique for getting to the people so critical to your success. Like many of our other skills programs, this one can range from one hour to one day (depending on your needs), and will have attendees working on live situations.