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Your salespeople's ability to develop a strong coach network may be one of the most critical skills for sales success. Doing so builds a group of allies who want us to win because there's something in it for them. Failing to do so leaves us one reorganization away from starting over completely. While intuition tells our salespeople it's critical to build relationships, often times they find their coach network lacking the influence or depth needed to advance the sale.

IMPAX's Coach Development skills program can help take  your team's ability to the next level. Depending on your need and time availability, this program can flex between one hour and one day, and will deep dive on topics including:

  • Characteristics of a coach
  • Finding coaches & expanding your network
  • Developing & building coach relationships
  • Assessing & strengthening a coach network using LinkedIn
  • Analyzing & enhancing the influence of your network

The Coach Development skills program makes things personal for your participants. Throughout the course, each attendee actively builds a plan for their own personal coach network on a live opportunity in their pipeline. Participants will leave the room with knowledge, tools and techniques to build a strong coach network, ensuring a higher hit rate for your sales organization now and in the future.