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As sales leaders, so many of us have seen or experienced the following: a person works hard doing all the things he or she knows they need to do - conducting research, building relationships, securing a meeting with the decision maker - to get the one thing we all want more than anything: an audience with the person who can say yes or no. However, upon finally getting there, they lack the confidence or skills to be compelling and advance the deal!

Strong presentations are critical for your sales organization's success. Give your team support and training to advance their skills and influence senior decision makers with IMPAX's Compelling Presentation Skills program.

Compelling Presentation Skills is an intensive, on-site two day workshop that will help your team deliver high-impact, audience-oriented presentations. The program is hands-on; each participant will develop a presentation on a live opportunity and get on their feet to deliver and receive feedback repeatedly throughout the program.

A significant amount of time will be spent on enhancing attendees' platform skills. By the conclusion of the skills program, participants improve their ability to:

  • Open a presentation effectively
  • Leverage body movements & gestures as a speaking tool
  • Use voice & tone changes to enhance the presentation
  • Connect with an audience through use of eye contact
  • Close a presentation & drive a call-to-action

Compelling Presentation Skills will provide your team the tools, strategies, techniques and confidence to position your value to customers in a way that's persuasive and relevant to each organization, ultimately helping you close more business and drive performance.