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Whether subtle or overt, friendly or antagonistic, at any given time there are people out there trying to restrict your access or block your strategy. Your people try to deal with these gatekeepers, but sometimes emotion clouds their judgment and leaves them feeling like they have no options.

To help your team make better decisions based on business rationale vs. emotions, consider IMPAX's Dealing with Gatekeepers skills program. This skills program helps participants analyze & develop a strategy for dealing with the people getting in their way throughout the sales process. During this program, we break down:

  • Characteristics of a gatekeeper
  • How to identify gatekeepers
  • A four-step process for effectively handling challenging situations
  • Numerous strategies for dealing with a variety of gatekeeper situations

Our Dealing with Gatekeepers program provides immediate benefit to attendees, as the program centers on live situations and real account application. Your team will leave this program ready to face and analyze the blockers that are trying to control them, helping to build confidence and advance sales both immediately and into the future.