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Interviewing may be one of the biggest gaps in sales skill today. Sales leaders are regularly finding lots of otherwise talented people that don't know how to properly conduct a sales interview. With our Interviewing skills program, IMPAX seeks to fill the gap and help sales professionals make interviewing more effective.

This program digs into the two key pieces of great interviewing - questioning and listening skills. Participants will begin by delving into the "questioning" side of the equation, learning and practicing:

  • The "95-5 Rule"
  • Identifying different types of questions
  • Characteristics of effective questions
  • Strong questioning techniques

Afterwards, the program shifts into the "listening" part of the equation, helping attendees with:

  • Active vs. passive listening
  • Listening techniques
  • Tips & tricks for avoiding common interview pitfalls

Throughout the course of the Interviewing skills program (ranging in length from one hour to one day), your sales team will have the ability to apply their learning through role-play exercises with others in the workshop. We seek to ensure everyone leaves the program with the confidence and skill to conduct strong sales interviews, helping propel your team's success forward.