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All sales professionals know the importance of cultivating relationships. Building a strong network that can work for us is critical! However all too often, our network is limited and we end up relying on one or two key supporters on a given opportunity. Thinking about it can be unnerving - in all actuality, that leaves us one reorganization away from having to start our efforts all over.

IMPAX's Networking skills program removes a lot of this risk by helping participants improve on general networking principles that can be applied to each customer opportunity. Attendees will be given the tools and techniques to build and leverage broader networks and develop relationships with potential coaches and decision makers. 

Based on your time availability and need, the Networking skills program can range from a one hour breakout to a full one-day program, touching in varying depth on the following sales networking topics:

  • Leveraging your personal & professional network
  • Expanding your view of your network
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to broaden & maintain your network

For more in-depth, hands-on networking development, this skills program can be further modified to include individual network assessment, as well as a "learn-do" approach, where IMPAX facilitators teach different networking techniques (e.g., on LinkedIn), then attendees turn to their own networks to make changes and adjustments real-time.