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More often than we'd probably all like, our hit rate as B2B sales organizations simply isn't where we want it to be. Digging deeper, we find ourselves or our teams working on deals that we're never going to win! If time is our most precious resource, then we need to be spending it well, on the opportunities we actually have a shot at winning.

IMPAX is here to help, with our Opportunity Selection skills program. This program can range from anywhere from one hour to one day, and will teach your team how to target and select opportunities that make the best use of their time and efforts.

A few topics that can be covered as part of this program include:

  • What makes a good opportunity? We will look at the indicators leading us to a positive conclusion, including traditional criteria to consider, as well as IMPAX-specific assessment criteria that help better qualify an opportunity
  • Increasing odds of success through selectivity. By carefully qualifying where to compete, and spending time appropriately on things that will actually pay off, you can increase your hit rate and overall productivity.

Although these concepts may sound simplistic, oftentimes the changes which are most simplistic turn out to be the most impactful. Let IMPAX help your sales team move the needle through better qualification, with the Opportunity Selection skills program.