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IMPAX's Cold Calling Boot Camp is a supercharged, multi-day, on-site version of the Prospecting Day event. Participants in the boot camp master their prospecting skills by scheduling actual meetings with real target accounts. The course leverages the same replicable, proactive prospecting approach and provides customizable tools to help attendees tackle areas of weakness or insecurity.

Where our Prospecting Day event offers more limited, virtual coaching, the Cold Calling Boot Camp has each participant receiving daily one-on-one coaching, as well as group sales meetings three times a day, in-person. It also offers additional support to sales leadership, with call coaching development for your front-line sales managers and event tracking & reporting.

IMPAX establishes a fun and highly-competitive environment in our Cold Calling Boot Camp. By providing the team regular updates on where everyone stands, each attendee is able to promote their own progress while sharing in the excitement and success of others. A unique element to the boot camp - each participant must generate at least 25 prospect meetings to successfully complete the program.

At the end of an action-packed set of days, your team will be confident and excited, ready to rocket prospecting efforts and sales momentum forward.