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If your organization leverages an inside sales function, you're well aware it provides a high return on your sales investment. What you may not realize, is that not all inside sales training is created equal. Inside sales professionals require different development than your field sales team - training that's unique & customized to their selling environment.

To boost your inside sales team's performance to the next level, consider IMPAX's Strategic Inside Sales program. This program builds on the IMPAX Process, but takes into account the complexities, time pressures, challenges and opportunities posed by the inside sales environment and provides your team the tools and techniques to thrive in it. 

In the Strategic Inside Sales workshop, we help participants understand what they need to learn, what to say, how and when to say it, and to whom. By the conclusion of the program, your inside sales professionals will have the skills and confidence to:

  • Avoid or navigate gatekeeper/voicemail blocks to reach decision makers
  • Discern what research questions to ask & how to ask them, such as:
    • Qualification questions to understand budgets, decision criteria & buying process
    • Business questions to understand customer objectives, strategies & issues
  • Effectively present over-the-phone
  • Overcome objections & close the deal

Give your inside sales team the tools they need to win more business and drive higher profit. Contact us today!