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As a sales leader, you recognize there are varying levels of performance on any sales team. Like a bell curve, it's common to see outliers on both ends of the spectrum - those who perform exceedingly well and those who miss the mark - but, ultimately, most end up somewhere in the middle. It is these individuals that represent the greatest opportunity to move the needle. Improving the performance of the average sales professional is the key to boosting overall sales trajectory! But, is that easier said than done?

Not anymore, with IMPAX's Sales Force Assessment service. Our adaptive, analytics-based solution leverages sales performance data and research assessments to identify key drivers and an overall profile of your top performers, as well as where the rest of your team stacks up in comparison to them. By understanding what makes your best people successful selling to your customers, you can then identify where the team's gaps are and how to focus future training to further develop against them.

Because no two companies are the same, our Sales Force Assessment service is engineered to align to your unique business environment and best practices. Together, we'll:

  • Analyze your key sales success drivers
  • Identify the associated best practices of your top producers
  • Perform skills gap analysis (both on an individual and team basis)
  • Tailor skills training to close the gap on the highest payback competencies and practices
  • Deliver personalized reports to each sales professional, supporting individualized development planning
  • Provide your sales leaders with an organizational report and valuation of current & potential sales performance

This comprehensive assessment solution is part of IMPAX's complete implementation system. To further discuss how we can drive more successful sales performance, together, contact us today.