Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: The "AAB"s of Virtual Presentations

For most of us in the sales/account management profession, things have changed so much over the past couple of months. All of our work is now being done virtually - team meetings, customer research, training... Even our happy hours are being conducted over the internet.

Delivering customer presentations are some of the most important activities we're conducting in a virtual manner, and the stakes are high. It's easy for deals to slow down or get moved to the back burner, yet a well-delivered presentation can help maintain the priority of our opportunities and advance the deal to close.

One factor that can have a dramatic impact on our virtual presentation delivery success is the effective use of our cameras. How do we use the camera well? Consider the "AAB"s of camera usage:

  • Angle - Consider the angle of the camera. Too many people overlook this aspect, and as a result they have that unattractive under-chin angle that looks good on no one. Set the angle more directly so that you look like yourself to people you're meeting with.
  • Attire - Many of us have switched to a more relaxed dress code these days, which is fine... until you need to use your camera for a customer presentation or other important virtual meeting! Dress appropriately for the audience you are presenting to.
  • Background - Some backgrounds are good, some are bad, and many are distracting. Look at what the customer sees when they see you via the camera. Close the cupboards, blinds and closet doors to eliminate distractions, and avoid having a bright light or window directly behind you that makes it hard for the audience to see. Doing these things helps to put the focus on your delivery.

One last tip to consider - if you are going to use your camera, look at it. When you look over at your monitor or down at your notes, you aren't making eye contact. It seems strange, but if you are looking at that little dot, your eye contact with your customer is improved, and your outcomes will be better!



Mark Shonka

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