Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Doubling Down

Throughout the course of the pandemic our job has been getting more difficult. Restricted access to customers and prospects, supply chain issues, and an environment of general uncertainty made acquiring new customers and managing existing customers much more challenging.

As we move closer to normality, many of us are seeing that another one of the challenges we face has gotten more intense. 

The Procurement department - and procurement practices in general - continue to grow in importance.

Here are some Procurement- related trends:

  • Touchless Procurement: Organizations are developing no or low touch procurement processes, especially for lower-value transactions.
  • Demonstrated value: Procurement is required to show measurable value to their organizations, which comes primarily in the form of cost savings.
  • Process automation: This key priority comes as organizations drive digitalization efforts through AI tools such as predictive analytics.
  • Visibility/risk management: Procurement is increasingly being seen as a first line of defense in anticipating and mitigating the impact of risk.

How can value-leading organizations like ours respond and prosper in this procurement-led environment? Within these trends, there are opportunities abound.

So many capabilities can be leveraged to help our customers thrive - systems, processes, expertise, talent... We need to double down on our efforts to sell the value our solutions and companies can help create in the form of our customer's critical business outcomes. By truly understanding our customers' businesses, developing networks of coaches, gaining access to decision makers, and tying ourselves to the outcomes they are striving to realize, we increase our odds of success dramatically



Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Influence

As sales and relationship management professionals, there are few tools more important to our success than our network. We look to develop coach relationships, uncover and gain access to decision makers, and deal effectively with gatekeepers. 

Another thing we attempt to do is...
Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Slow Down to Speed Up

Many of us are feeling pressure now more than ever. We need to win new deals, extensions, and renewals. At the same time, things are more complicated than ever before – there are more stakeholders involved from the customer side, we face internal hurdles, economic uncertainty looms, etc. This...