Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Lights, Camera, Action!

After several months, the shut-down continues and there is no end in sight. With few exceptions, most of us in sales and account management are limited in our ability to see customers face to face. Yet, many of us have pivoted, working effectively remotely to re-engage with customers.

One of our challenges is that customers have had their own issues to prioritize, and it is challenging to get our projects on their priority list. To help with this, an IMPAX-style customer-focused presentation is a tremendous tool to help us bring out the value we can create with the customer, and the resulting impact on business results. Initially, we delayed critical presentations until we could be face to face. Now we know we cannot afford to wait any longer, and we are routinely delivering important presentations remotely. We do the best we can from virtual locations, but there are limits.

To take our virtual presentation delivery skills to the next level, let's consider these ideas:

  • Lights - One of the most common distractions in a virtual presentation is the lighting of the presenter. In many cases, we cannot even see the person's face, as they show up as a silhouette in front of a light or window. There are affordable lights to help change this, lighting up the presenter so that the audience can see their conviction and enthusiasm (here's one a fellow IMPAXer swears by).
  • Camera - Having the camera on changes everything. Without the camera on, it is incredibly easy to get distracted. When cameras are on, both the presenter and the audience are more accountable to each other.
  • Action - One of the best things about an in-person presentation is that the presenter usually gets to stand up. This is critical, as a person who stands can use different techniques and movement to make a stronger impression. Most of us who are working from home are making do with whatever we can - a kitchen table, a spare bedroom, etc. - and standing during presentations is not easy. It may not be easy, but it is still effective, so let's try to figure out a way to stand when we present. Maybe we have a bookcase we can set our laptop on, or a stack of boxes. Whatever it takes, a person who stands is more likely to win.

Given our new reality, let's take action and take our virtual presentation skills to the next level. 



Mark Shonka

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