Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Presenting with Passion

Virtual burnout is a real thing. We hear presenter after presenter drone on and on about the topic of the day. Some presentations are better than others, but they all seem to meld together. Even interesting topics become mind numbing. Some of us react by "mailing it in" with our involvement, and sometimes even the presenter seems to be barely engaged. It all can seem so administrative.

In sales, one of our goals is to inspire people to make a decision and take action. This can be tough to do in normal face-to-face settings, when we can read body language and hear intonation. It's even harder when we're limited to virtual interaction.

Let's look at it from the customer's point of view: they are stuck in back-to-back virtual meetings, jumping between different virtual platforms with barely time for a restroom break; presenters have too many busy PowerPoint slides that have nothing to do with them...

How do we break through when we are trying to inspire action? Let's deliver our message with passion. How? First, by believing in the fit. Before we show up for a presentation, we need to do our homework and figure out how we can help the customer accomplish what's important to them. However, it's not enough to feel this enthusiasm. We have to convey it to the customer. So, let's do what we used to do - let our passion for the fit come out through the enthusiastic delivery of our presentations.  Stand up whenever possible to deliver presentations. We come across differently when we stand, and we are more able to use our voices as a tool when we are on our feet.

By bringing passion to our presentations, we will differentiate ourselves with audiences that are waiting to be moved!



Mark Shonka

Sales Tip: Back to Basics?

As another calendar year wraps up, many of us are surprised at the ongoing impact of the pandemic and remain limited in our ability to sell and manage customer relationships in an in-person manner. For so many of us, much (or all) of our work is still being done virtually.

One thing we...