Mark Shonka

September 2017 Tip: Translation

At the heart of the IMPAX Process is the Business Fit, and we define it as, “How two (or more) companies, working together, can assist the customer in attaining business objectives, implementing strategies and/or resolving issues.” Determining the Business Fit requires strong customer knowledge...

Mark Shonka

August 2017 Tip: Scalability

When IMPAX is working with a new client, it is common for us to hear questions like:

    “Is the IMPAX Process complex?” “How long does it take to use the process?” “Will it lengthen the sales cycle?”

Our answer is always the same – it depends. What does it depend on?...

Mark Shonka

May 2017 Tip: Sources of Value

As business development people, it’s easy to fall into the trap of equating the value we help to create for our customers almost entirely with our solutions. While, yes, our solutions and capabilities help bring value, they aren’t enough on their own. Why not? Because it’s hard to clearly...

Mark Shonka

February 2017 Tip: The Qualifier

Many of us are in the throes of territory and account planning, working to figure out how we will meet and exceed our targets in 2017. All of us should remember that the best way to improve our hit rate is to go after the right opportunities from the beginning. That’s just one reason qualifying...