Mark Shonka

August 2016 Tip: Closing Thoughts

Closing is a tricky topic. We need to gather the right inputs so we can close the right people at the right time, and we need to deal with the stigma of closing at the same time. Closing has such a bad image as a result of all of the bad closes that have come before us. Here are 4 key ideas to...

Mark Shonka

July 2016 Tip: Always Be Closing?

“Always Be Closing”, aka “ABC”, is a mantra for some in the sales profession. It’s become mainstream, being featured in movies and popular culture. The phrase is probably well intended, as you can picture a sales manager telling a young rep, “Remember kid, ABC” in an attempt to help them keep...

Mark Shonka

December 2015 Tip: How It's Going

At first glance, it could be easy to think that the title of this Tip is misspelled. After all, "How's it going?" is a common question and greeting. No, the title of this Tip seeks to make a different point. It is intended to get us thinking about how our relationships with customers are going...