Mark Shonka

January 2014 Tip: Net It Out

One of the most challenging situations in selling is trying to unseat an entrenched, incumbent supplier. This is especially true if the competitor is well thought of by the customer. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do this, or that it’s impossible to do it. It just means that we need to be...

Mark Shonka

December 2013 Tip: Closing

Closing (well) is one of the most difficult yet satisfying steps in the sales process. When done right, closing is a natural element of the sales process. It’s not sleazy, tricky or slimy. When done poorly, it can be all of these things and more.

By doing it right, you can avoid the...

Mark Shonka

May 2013 Tip: Know Their Role

One of the most important things we can learn about the procurement function in a prospect or customer organization is how they are viewed by others in their company. If we can learn the answers to questions like these, we will be better prepared to develop a winning strategy:

Mark Shonka

April 2013 Tip: Looking Ahead

Anyone taking the time to read this Tip already believes in doing their research. We know that it is effective research that allows us to understand the customer’s business and needs, identify and get to the right people in an organization, figure out the fit, deal with gatekeepers, etc. Given...