Dan Kosch

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The Authority on Successful Selling

Dan is a selling expert with more than two decades of direct sales, sales leadership, sales training and consulting experience. As Co-President of IMPAX, Dan has worked with some of the world's leading organizations including Eli Lilly, DuPont, IBM, Symantec, GE, Microsoft and American Express to catapult their sales force beyond selling obstacles for greater sales success.

Dan knows precisely what works in today's ever-challenging and ever-changing sales environment. And, what doesn't - like selling based on price, product and competitive knowledge. Dan translates his breadth and depth of experience into a spirited message that, combined with his unparalleled credibility, compels listeners to improve and strengthen their sales approaches and ultimately, your bottom line. 

One of Dan's Primary Keynote Speeches: The Top Issues Sales Faces Sales Today - And How to Overcome Them

The internet, powerful gatekeepers, strategic sourcing, chief procurement officer, vendor auctions, RFPs & globalization are just a few of the unprecedented realities of today's business environment that conspire to subtract sales professionals from the purchasing equation altogether. You can do far more than survive this hostile environment - you can thrive! But not by what you're selling - by how you're selling! 

Other Keynotes that Inspire, Motivate & Transform
  • Strategies for Gaining & Maintaining Competitive Immunity
  • Critical Success Factors for Building a Value-Based Sales Culture
  • Speak to Impress: Compelling Executive Presentations
  • Selling to Senior-Level Executives
Dan's Presentations Make a Lasting, Powerful Impact By
  • Delivering specific ideas and strategies to deal with today's unprecedented sales challenges
  • Inspiring with real-life examples and case studies
  • Positioning sales professionals to take action with practical, intelligent tools they can use immediately
  • Mobilizing with key insights & best practices from diverse, extensive industry experience

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IMPAX Client Testimonials

"Dan gave our audience the tools to immediately apply what they learned in the session to their own business."

"In his one-hour presentation, our audience walked away with concepts they could use right away to differentiate themselves from the competition."

"Dan's ability to clearly compellingly communicate his message to a diverse group of sales professionals indicates that Dan is among the best in his field...he makes you want to sit down and listen."

"His delivery was excellent - very smooth... he was funny, but just enough to get people warmed up and ready to listen to what he had to say. He has great balance."