Mark Shonka

Inspiration, Insight & Ideas that Deliver Sales Results


The Expert on Overcoming Today's Top Sales Challenges 

Mark Shonka energizes sales professionals with ideas, insight and inspiration that transform sales obstacles into opportunities. As Co-President of IMPAX Corporation, his words have ignited the fire of sales success for thousands of sales professionals across North America and abroad at companies like IBM, Target, Microsoft, Symantec, US Bank, DuPont, D&B and AT&T.

Mark's spirited, entertaining and exciting presentation style transfixes audiences. Tempering cutting-edge innovation with more than 20 years of hard-earned wisdom as a highly successful sales professional, he knows precisely what it takes to succeed in today's harsh business environment (and it isn't pitching product features and lowest price). Most importantly, he knows how to deliver this critical message so sales professionals sit up, take notice and take action!

One of Mark's Most In-Demand Topics: Breaking the Rules: Selling Value in the Era of Procurement

The internet, stronger, more influential gatekeepers, strategic sourcing, chief procurement officers, vendor auctions, RFPs, globalization... These are just a handful of the unprecedented realities of today's business environment, where the function of procurement is increasingly powerful. This reality is threatening to commoditize us and we need to fight harder than ever to effectively sell our value.

will conspire to subtract sales professionals from the purchasing equation altogether.  But you can do far more than survive this hostile environment - you can thrive! Not by what you're selling - but by how you're selling.

Other In-Demand Keynote Topics
  • Selling to Senior Level Executives
  • Speak to Impress: Compelling Executive Presentations
  • Critical Success Factors for Building a World Class Sales Organization
  • Strategies for Creating Competitive Immunity
Mark's Presentations Make Powerful Impact By
  • Captivating with humor & insight
  • Delivering specific ideas & strategies to deal with today's unprecedented sales issues
  • Inspiring with real-life examples and case studies
  • Positioning sales professionals to take action with practical, intelligent tools they can use immediately
  • Mobilizing with key insights & best practices from diverse, extensive industry experience
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IMPAX Client Testimonials

"Mark knows his audience because he's one of them - a working sales professional. He knows their challenges firsthand and exactly what they need to do to be successful. He rapidly earned the respect of our sales team, and even more so after his ideas helped them close more deals."

"I needed a great keynote, an outstanding speaker with humor, solid strategies and credibility. Mark over-delivered."

"In one hour, Mark was able to inspire, educate and entertain. Our people walked away with ideas and tools they could use immediately."

"Mark gives relevant, straightforward information that truly resonates with our audience. He has great style; entertaining without being cheesy; informative and intelligent without being boring."