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In the most recent IMPAX Tip of the Month, we reflected on the old sales saying, “ABC - Always be Closing”.  This Tip got me thinking about the biggest issues associated with closing, including (IMO):

    Not closing (simply neglecting to ask a closing question) Closing the...
Mark Shonka

Global Consistency, Part II

Picking up on a recent post entitled “Global Consistency”…

In that post I was reflecting on a session I had with a group of BD leaders from across Asia and how they share a common set of challenges – demanding customers, the rise of procurement, global economic challenges,...

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Tip of the Month

Mark Shonka

July 2016 Tip: Always Be Closing?

“Always be Closing”, aka “ABC”, is a mantra for some in the sales profession. It’s become mainstream, being featured in movies and popular culture. The phrase is probably well intended, as you can picture a sales manager telling a young rep, “Remember kid, ABC” in an attempt to help them keep...

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The State of B2B Sales Report

Study: The State of B2B Sales
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