Mark Shonka

Qualification Tip - Follow Up 2

Another unique qualification challenge is for the person whose pipeline is strong. These people don’t need to add a lot to their pipeline to be successful so they may be prone to too easily dismissing opportunities.

For those people, a couple of reminders…

First, consider the...

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Tip of the Month

Mark Shonka

February 2017 Tip: The Qualifier

Many of us are in the throes of territory and account planning, working to figure out how we will meet and exceed our targets in 2017. All of us should remember that the best way to improve our hit rate is to go after the right opportunities from the beginning. That’s just one reason qualifying...

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6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results

Elevate your sales performance. To become an elite sales professional, you must elevate your presence and establish yourself as a top performer. In the new IMPAX ebook, “6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results,” co-authors, Brittany Shonka, Amy Franko and Jen E Miller provide tools and insights to help you make the leap.
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