Brittany Laurent

Setting the Pace in 2019

In the most recent Tip of the Month, Mark Shonka shared his perspective on how long it takes to prepare to deliver an effective presentation. In that Tip, he shared the answer is often, "as long as you let it", and reinforced the importance of "booking the hour".

As a Millennial (and one who is admittedly something of a perfectionist), this Tip really spoke to me. If left unchecked, my nature is to research, prepare, and perfect everything possible - ensure all the stars align - prior to doing things like booking a meeting with the decision maker or delivering a presentation.

It's a toxic tendency, and one that has taken years to eliminate.

That's not to say things like research and preparation aren't important - in fact, they are critical - it's just about not allowing those things to set the pace. As Mark said - everything happens with a deadline! The sooner the target is set, the faster all the to-do's will get completed.

Reflecting on this reminded me of a quote by Voltaire:

"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

I mean, come on... is this not the best quote ever?! To me, this quote serves as a reminder to have confidence in my ability to do the right things well, even if they aren't done perfectly. It emphasizes the importance of progress over perfection.

Particularly as sales professionals and customer managers, we shouldn't be the ones blocking ourselves. We simply cannot afford to be "paralyzed into inaction" until we have the perfect words to request a meeting, or 100% of the research completed, (... you get the idea).

Instead, it's our job to be making things happen. (After all, our success and the success of our organizations rely on it.)

With the start of a new year and BIG things I'm looking to accomplish, this is the mentality I'm bringing into 2019. Who's with me? I welcome you to share your reactions, thoughts and ideas in the comments on LinkedIn.


Christopher Smith

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