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Seemingly in almost every sales situation, you're competing against someone - another competitor or an internal function - yet ironically, most salespeople can't describe their competitive strategy! They're just working hard and competing, which on it's own is not a strategy. 

The stakes for not having a well-thought-out competitive strategy are high. Your team ends up working hard to compete on someone else's terms. But, working hard without a strategy can be futile.

IMPAX's Developing a Powerful Competitive Strategy program gives your team the necessary tools to break out of this rut. The workshop gets participants considering 5 alternative competitive strategies to create their most compelling plan in any given situation. Additionally, we challenge attendees to broaden their focus, getting them to analyze their competitor's strengths and weaknesses.

The on-site, hands-on Developing a Powerful Competitive Strategy program can flex from a couple of hours to one full day, based on the level of depth required. Upon completion, your team will have all they need to create compelling strategies to help them win new business, unseat an incumbent or protect their own customer relationships.