How We Help You

To help value-leading organizations like yours drive growth through sales excellence, IMPAX provides a wide range of B2B sales training and consulting solutions. These solutions will elevate your approach to sales, resulting in more business won at a higher overall profit.

As a key stakeholder in your sales organization's performance, you may be seeking ways to help them with numerous selling challenges posed by today's business environment. In support of these objectives and others, IMPAX offers a number of sales & account management process workshops that establish a strong foundation and the path towards attaining sales excellence.
As a B2B value-leader, it's essential your sales managers are well-trained in driving the success and performance of your sales organization. After all, their efficiency, strength and consistency as leaders are the biggest factors in driving individual and team sales success. To ensure your sales leaders have the training, tools and techniques to drive sales excellence, consider IMPAX's sales management training programs.
The IMPAX NxtGen(tm) Selling virtual public workshop is an engaging digital/virtual learning experience designed to help B2B sales professionals more effectively position their value to customers, supporting their need to differentiate from competition and accelerate performance and success. This learning experience is action-oriented and focused on building capabilities through immediate application to a live opportunity in each participant's funnel.
Our adaptive, analytics-based assessment solution leverages sales performance data and research assessments to identify key drivers and an overall profile of your top performers, as well as where the rest of your team stacks up in comparison to them. By understanding what makes your best people successful selling to your customers, you can then identify where the team's gaps are and how to focus future training to further develop against them.
IMPAX's sales skills programs focus on select topics your team needs to have mastered for success in sales. These skills programs provide an opportunity to deep-dive into particular topics for reinforcement, helping your sales team further hone their skills and advance their professional development.
When looking to inspire attendees at a sales meeting or event, it's critical you select the right speaker. Besides providing value, motivation and entertainment, you'll want to choose someone whose words compel your salespeople to action long after they've heard them. To make sure your next event is a success, consider one of IMPAX's Co-CEOs, Mark Shonka or Dan Kosch.
For many sales leaders, quality B2B sales prospecting is critical for success. When done right, prospecting can advance a sale, shorten the cycle, add-to and improve the sales funnel and begin establishing a value-based client relationship. To take your organization's prospecting efforts to the next level, consider one of IMPAX's prospecting events.
To preserve your investment in sales training and further drive sustainability and internalization, IMPAX offers some key consulting services. These services are designed to help you weave your sales methodology into the fabric and culture that make up your organization. Through custom tailoring and system and process integration, IMPAX can help you ensure the longevity and adoption of your sales process well into the future.
Accelerate sales success with IMPAX NxtGen Selling™

Made up of four key phases - Select, Understand, Access, and Advance - our full-cycle sales process is a value-based, consultative approach to acquiring, retaining, and growing customer relationships in a modern business environment.

  • - Assessing prospects and opportunities to select optimal pursuits
  • - Efficiently and effectively understanding the customer’s business in addition to their needs
  • - Leveraging research and relationships to gain the right kind of access
  • - Delivering compelling, customer-focused messages that advance the opportunity or relationship forward