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Sales professionals work incredibly hard to sell value - they do their research, build an understanding of the fit between their company and the prospect's, develop relationships, secure a meeting and present the value they're positioned to deliver. But after getting an initial "thumbs-up", the deal moves into the negotiation stage, where the customer actively looks to strip away all that value and turn the conversation back to price.

Can you afford to concede deeply discounted pricing? Do your sales representatives have the existing skill set and confidence to fight for the line?

Excellent negotiating starts with IMPAX's Value-Based Negotiation skills program. This on-site two-day workshop actively engages participants in learning a structured approach to negotiation that utilizes process, concepts and tools to:

  • Teach & practice negotiation avoidance
  • Preserve relationships while standing by your value
  • Leverage research to close critical knowledge gaps
  • Simplify negotiation into a six-step process
  • Retain control throughout the process
  • Wrap up negotiations with a compelling closing presentation

The Value-Based Negotiation skills program is interactive and live-account based, giving each sales professional an opportunity to dig into a current customer negotiation situation they're facing. By the end of the session, participants will have the tools, techniques and confidence to manage value-based negotiations with strength and professionalism, ultimately helping you protect the bottom line.