Implementation & Driving Internalization

However IMPAX is working with your organization, our emphasis is always on helping your sales team execute the process to drive sales activity and results. Working together, we'll determine the right implementation system for you, driving internalization & putting your sales team on the road to mastery.


Tailoring adjusts program content to be specific to your unique environment. It can range from basic (e.g., general awareness/terminology) to extensive (e.g., custom tools, case studies, strategies, etc.) to completely customized.

Management Training

Management training positions your leadership team to successfully manage the process once implemented. It typically provides an overview of the process, the roll-out plan and support strategies to drive internalization.


The training workshop itself is critical. Ours is hands-on and live-account based, designed so participants apply each step of the process to a key opportunity in their pipeline throughout the program.

Coaching & Reinforcement

Coaching provides your sales team with real-time support on live-account situations in order to drive activity, skills development and results. Group reinforcement sessions refresh and build upon key aspects of the IMPAX Process, highlight implementation successes and challenges, and drive personal accountability.


Our Internalization efforts are designed to embed the process and keep it from becoming "the flavor of the month." By creating links to management systems, providing appropriate tools and resources, and arming leadership with the ability to coach to the process, we position you to drive implementation and long-term results.