Sales Management

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Sales Management Training


In today's environment, it is essential your sales managers are well-trained to lead the success and performance of your sales organization. After all, their efficiency, strength, and consistency as leaders are the biggest factors in driving individual and team sales success. 

IMPAX sales management training programs provide your sales leaders with the training, tools, and techniques to drive sales excellence. 

Our NxtGen courses enable top-notch sales management

  • Coaching the IMPAX Process

    To drive your team's sales process internalization, activity, and overall performance, consider IMPAX's Coaching the Sales Process program. This hands-on workshop covers the full spectrum of coaching excellence.

  • Fundamentals of Front-Line Sales Management

    Fundamentals of Front-Line Sales Management is an engaging, interactive learning experience designed to build practical sales management capability. Participants will return to work invigorated and ready to apply proven leadership skills to drive profitable growth.

Accelerate Sales Success