The NxtGen Process

Customer research meeting Customer research meeting
Our NxtGen Process

A value based consultative approach

Made Up of Four Phases

1. Select

Assessing prospects, customers, and opportunities to select and prioritize optimal pursuits.

2. Understand

Efficiently and effectively understanding the customer’s business in addition to their needs.

4. Advance

Delivering compelling, customer-focused messages that advance the opportunity or relationship forward.

3. Access

Leveraging research and relationships to gain the right kind of access.

Staying successful and relevant in today's business environment requires a process that enables you to position yourself as a business resource to customers.

The IMPAX Process is a four-step approach to acquiring, retaining, and growing customer relationships.

More on the four steps below:

  • Select

    In the Select step, you need to think about, “How and where should I spend my time?”  

    You want to assess prospects, opportunities, and customer relationships to ensure you’re using your time in the best way possible. The best way to improve your close rate is to select opportunities with the highest probability of success. 

  • Understand

    In the Understand step, you must assess, “How well do I understand the customer?” 

    It is not enough to understand the customer’s needs; in addition, it requires you to learn their business direction.  Doing so positions you as a consultative partner and allows you to better align and develop strong value messages. 

  • Access

    In the Access step, you must identify the Decision Maker, determine your strategy to reach him/her, and address those who block your path to success. In this phase it is also important to network and build or nurture relationships with coaches.

  • Advance

    In the Advance step, you need to consider how you show up and deliver a customer-focused message that advances the relationship forward. You must be proactive in advancing the process to realize the impact of the value with the customer. 

This process is how to fight the forces of commoditization and effectively position your value.

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