Fundamentals of Front-Line Sales Management

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Fundamentals of Front-Line Sales Management


Today’s front-line sales managers face significant challenges while they strive to achieve broad-based and sustainable growth. These trends include:

  • Commoditization of value 
  • Disruption within industries
  • Changing role of sales within the customer experience
  • Shifting generational dynamics within the sales team and customer organization
  • Increasing prevalence of A.I. 

In order to succeed within this environment, front-line sales managers must be able to lead their teams to enhanced productivity. One critical component for success includes better meeting the needs of individual sales team members. This reality can be particularly challenging since many front-line sales managers have been promoted to their roles without receiving any formal training or development.

Fundamentals of Front-Line Sales Management is an engaging, interactive learning experience designed to build practical sales management capability. Participants will return to work invigorated and ready to apply proven leadership skills to drive profitable growth.


Participants will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase productivity with focus on:

  • The role of leadership and its impact on sales performance
  • Sales coaching and communication
  • Organizational development
  • Sales process and methodology
  • Funnel management



  • Values-Based Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Coaching for Success
  • Sales Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Segmentation
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Process and Methodology
  • Funnel Management and Forecasting
  • Coaching to the IMPAX Process
  • Personal Action Planning



Those with direct responsibility for sales representatives, account managers, or independent contracts/agents, including:

  1. Front-line sales management
  2. First-time sales managers



Method of Instruction: This course is an instructor-led application workshop. The instructors are experienced sales leaders who have faced the same realities as the participants. Participants will actively develop a real customer opportunity that will be ready for immediate implementation.

  • Application Workshop:  The live application workshop consists of 1-2 days (in-person) or 3-5 virtual sessions. This workshop is delivered through an engaging, live facilitator experience. Attendees identify a real opportunity in their pipeline to generate activity for during the workshop. They will apply learnings throughout the application workshop.

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