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Driving Measurable Client Results


Training and development represents an important investment in pursuit of business outcomes.  Our clients seek to achieve a range of business goals including: 

  • Revenue acceleration
  • Margin improvement
  • Market share
  • Customer retention 
  • Employee satisfaction
  • And more  

Each client has a different purpose for training their business development team. Therefore, measuring the impact of sales enablement is critical to determining success.


We work with clients to understand their business drivers and desired outcomes for training.  Then, we partner to identify incoming performance trajectory pre-engagement and determine post-engagement performance changes.  

It is incredibly difficult to isolate the impact of training on performance as our clients experience concurrent dynamics that push and pull upon their performance.  From external dynamics (e.g., economic conditions, demographics, competitive activity, regulatory actions, or geopolitical concerns) to internal factors (e.g., promotional strategies, product introductions, changes to the business development team, etc.), our clients face a fluid operating environment with all factors impacting their business simultaneously. In the end, our clients determine what matters to them and we define success according to their standards.

We are not so bold as to claim sole credit for our client’s success.  Rather, we are humbled by the opportunity to join our clients in pursuit of their business goals and play a part in their performance.  With that in mind, the following represents a few case studies that illustrate the impact of our work with clients from various sectors.


Note: The following case studies feature genericized company names for privacy purposes.

EYO Supply Chain Case Study EYO Supply Chain Case Study
Xtere Corporation Case Study Xtere Corporation Case Study
Jacksons Case Study Jacksons Case Study
National Bank of Nebraska Case Study National Bank of Nebraska Case Study
TTT Group Case Study TTT Group Case Study

Accelerate Sales Success