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Working With Us

The IMPAX Client Journey

IMPAX takes a consultative approach to working with customers. Our goal is to collaborate in a way that honors your unique situation and needs, and creates a foundation for long-term success.

Here are key steps in the process of working together: 

  1. Understand. We work to understand your business priorities and selling environment. This discovery helps us determine whether or not there is a strong fit in working together.
  2. Business Fit. We define how, working together, a relationship between our organizations can support your business direction. We will recommend specific solutions to support the business fit.
  3. Tailoring. We identify your current sales performance metrics as well as the desired future state. We clarify the day-to-day reality of your sales and account management team and incorporate as appropriate to ensure a relevant learning experience.
  4. Leadership. We engage leadership and coordinate messaging in support of the training initiative. Leadership receives a training overview.
  5. Training. We deliver a learning experience focused on application of concepts to real account opportunities.
  6. Reinforcement. We support learners with content review, implementation observations, and access to tools. In this stage we may also begin delivery of advanced training and pursuit coaching.
  7. Internalization. We work to integrate the IMPAX process with other business processes and systems. We measure key sales metrics to define impact.