Who We Are

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Who We Are


Founded in 1984, IMPAX Sales Performance is a leading global sales acceleration company. Our driving focus is to help value-oriented B2B sales organizations around the world achieve greater success by elevating the way in which they sell and manage customer relationships, differentiating from competition, and driving higher levels of customer partnership (and profit).

For more than 35 years, we have pursued our mission – to accelerate clients’ sales success. We work with organizations of all sizes and industries to help combat commoditizing forces by assisting them in positioning their value to customers more effectively. 


Through partnerships, expertise, and a robust offering of sales training and delivery solutions, we support customers looking to adopt a value-based, next-generation approach to sales and customer management. 

To accelerate sales success, we leverage solutions that include:

  • Sales and account management process
  • Sales training workshops
  • Digital sales training courses and reinforcement content
  • Skills development programs
  • Sales leadership and management training
  • Consulting services
  • Deal coaching
  • And more

Through our work together, we help clients overcome critical selling challenges and improve their sales, account management, channel sales, and leadership activities. These efforts contribute to a culture of sales excellence, and ultimately, drive growth and improved results.

Trusted by some of the most respected businesses in the world

Why Train Your Sales Team With IMPAX?


IMPAX combines rich experience enhancing client success with a continuous drive to improve. We are differentiated by our philosophy and approach, client results, focus on implementation, and global expertise.

  • Philosophy & Approach

    Whether in-person or virtual, we believe in capitalizing on time spent in class and gaining and maintaining learner engagement. Training cannot be passive, but rather must be activity and engagement-based. 

    Our blended learning approach leverages unique strategies like interactive, activity-based, multi-media digital learning followed by application workshops (in-person or virtual). Virtual training leverages small groups with webcams and microphones on, driving in-session engagement. 

    Whether virtual or in-person, blended learning is live-account based, and our training is done by IMPAX & certified client instructors (versus outsourced to 3rd parties).

  • Measurable Client Results

    We have long-term relationships with customers. Our training enables sales teams to identify opportunities, increase customer knowledge, enhance relationships, and develop value-based customer messages. 

    As a result, our clients realize significant business results year-over-year, including increased gross profit, increased revenue, higher market share, customer retention, margin impact upon renewal, and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Implementation Focus

    We focus on coaching and implementation of training to help clients drive internalization, ongoing results, and ROI. Our process is built to be used in the real world, and we place equal emphasis on teaching it as we do applying it during training.

  • Global Expertise

    Approximately half of our training is done outside the United States. Our multi-national clients find value in having a common language and consistent process around the world. IMPAX's approach to virtual delivery has further increased accessibility and supported global client relationships.