Opportunity Coaching

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Opportunity Coaching


IMPAX’s opportunity coaching is designed to empower sales and account management professionals to enhance their performance, improve their close rates, and achieve greater success in their sales efforts. Working together, we will leverage the IMPAX process to provide personalized guidance and feedback that leads to greater efficiency and deal advancement.

This 1:1, hands-on solution provides direct IMPAX coaching to support the pursuit of live, high-value opportunities. Session number and length may vary based upon client situation; however, our standard opportunity coaching program features six sessions aligned to key steps of the IMPAX process through which your pursuit team strategizes and engages a live customer opportunity.



Participants will benefit through:

  • Successful advancement of a targeted opportunity
  • Enhanced implementation of key concepts from IMPAX training 
  • Increased quality of customer understanding 
  • Relevant, personalized value messaging
  • Competitive assessment and strategy development
  • Presentation development and delivery refinement



  • Coaching Pre-Work Review
  • Customer Research
  • Business and Solution Fit
  • Relationship Strategy
  • Competitive Position
  • Presentation Development
  • Presentation Delivery



Sales and account relationship management professionals who have customer acquisition and relationship management responsibility, including:

  • Business Development Representatives
  • Sales Representatives
  • Enterprise Sales Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Corporate Account Managers


Method of Instruction: This course is a series of IMPAX instructor-led coaching discussions. The instructors are experienced sales leaders who are experts in coaching live implementation of the process in complex customer situations. Participants will take an active role and develop or advance the selected opportunity throughout.

  • Coaching Discussions:  There are typically six coaching sessions (held virtually). The length of each coaching discussion is between 45-90 minutes. 

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