Who We Are

IMPAX Sales Performance is a global sales performance improvement company focused on helping value-leading B2B organizations accelerate success and drive growth. Through partnership, expertise, and training, we support customers looking to adopt a value-based, consultative approach to sales and customer management. 

IMPAX combines rich experience enhancing client success with a continuous drive to improve. We are differentiated by our intuitive process, focus on execution, global capability and significant client results.


What We Do

Through a robust offering of sales training solutions - sales and account management process training, workshops, skills programs, consulting services, deal coaching and more - we help customers effectively position their value, enabling growth, differentiation and a higher level of partnership with their own customers.

What makes IMPAX different?

An Intuitive Process

The IMPAX Process takes the things successful, value-oriented sales professionals do by instinct and puts them into a tactical process so they're done by design. It balances the art and science of selling.

In other words, our process is built to actually get used.

Our Implementation Focus

IMPAX is not an event-driven training company. We focus on actual implementation of our process to help clients drive real results and ROI on their development investment. There are a number of ways to customize our solution to fit your unique needs, helping drive internalization and increase your team's success.

Measurable Client Success

Our solutions empower sales teams to identify opportunities, increase customer knowledge, enhance relationships, and develop more compelling account positioning. As a result, our clients realize significant and measurable business results such as increased revenue, profit, market-share and customer satisfaction.

Global Expertise

Our multi-national clients have found great value in having a common language and consistent process around the world. IMPAX has extensive experience delivering programs across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, ensuring you have an effective methodology everywhere you do business.

Executive Team

Career & Affiliate Opportunities

The IMPAX team is augmented by a group of affiliates around the world. We are always seeking new Business Development Executives, Consultants and Facilitators. For more information on affiliate opportunities, click here or contact us today!

IMPAX Clients