Digital Course: IMPAX NxtGen Selling Essentials

Digital Course: IMPAX NxtGen™ Selling Essentials


Participants in this course will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase productivity by:

  • Identifying and selecting optimal opportunities
  • Building a robust understanding of the customer
  • Developing compelling value propositions
  • Creating a relationship strategy to access decision makers and develop coaches
  • Delivering impactful business presentations
  • Enhancing closing skills
  • Handling customer objections



Module 1: The IMPAX NxtGen™ Process

Module 2: Territory Planning

Module 3: Target Opportunity Selection

Module 4: Data & Information

Module 5: Research Meeting

Module 6: Business Fit

Module 7: Relationship Strategy

Module 8: Coach Development

Module 9: Decision Maker Access

Module 10: Gatekeeper Strategy

Module 11: Presentation

Module 12: Closing

Module 13: Handling Objections

Module 14: Certification Exam



This learning experience is offered in two formats:

  1. As a standalone digital learning option, complete with basic certification (this is what you are purchasing)
  2. As a blended-delivery solution. 



Self-directed: This digital course provides sales and account management representatives the opportunity to take control of their learning experience. Each learner can progress at their own individual pace. 

Active digital learning experience: This course actively engages the learner as they progress. Throughout each module, there is interactive content, media, experiences, activities, and knowledge checks that drive learning. 

Modular approach: IMPAX's digital course has been developed with the adult learner in mind. Adults engage in professional development to serve a specific purpose or goal, and they expect to understand what they'll learn and where they are in the process. Through a consistent, modular approach, this course aligns to both needs. 

Continuous learning: Finally, this course provides ongoing, continuous access to digital content, helping to drive long-term reinforcement and application of key concepts.

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