Digital sales training

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Digital Sales Training

Online Learning with IMPAX

IMPAX believes self-directed digital learning must be activity and engagement-based. Where many companies offer passive online programs requiring participants largely to watch/listen, we have created a dynamic environment full of activities, multi-media, and opportunities to apply learning hands-on. 

We selected a development partner who enables us to make learning accessible and engaging throughout. Our digital learning typically consists of a series of instructional modules followed by a comprehensive course certification exam.


IMPAX Digital Course Highlights:

  • Self-Directed

    Our digital courses provide sales and account management professionals the opportunity to take control of their learning experience. Each learner can progress at their own individual pace. 

  • Active Experience

    Our courses actively engage the learner as they progress. Throughout each module, we feature interactive content, media, experiences, activities, and knowledge checks that drive learning. 

  • Modular Approach

    Online courses have been developed with the adult learner in mind. Adults engage in professional development to serve a specific purpose or goal, and they expect to understand what they'll learn and where they are in the process. Through a consistent, modular approach, our courses align to both needs. 

  • Continuous Learning

    IMPAX provides ongoing, continuous access to digital content which drives long-term reinforcement and application of key concepts. When someone purchases one of our online training courses, they retain access to it without further cost.

Check out some of these features in action:


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