Virtual sales training

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Virtual sales training

Virtual Learning With IMPAX

IMPAX leverages a unique approach to virtual training that allows for the benefits of remote learning without sacrificing key benefits of in-person engagements – primarily discussion, interaction, and hands-on application. 

To do this, we focus on:

  • Group Size

    We deliver training in smaller groups with webcams and microphones on (our average virtual student-to-facilitator ratio is 6:1).

  • Session Length

    Programs are broken into multiple shorter sessions spanning the course of a couple weeks. Individual sessions are kept to 2-2.5 hours each to maximize focus and engagement while allowing for implementation between training sessions. 

  • Technology & Preparation

    Digital pre-learning is typically done prior to support discussion and application in the virtual workshops, driving in-session engagement. 

  • Structure

    These workshops are live-account based, and led by an IMPAX instructor

Virtual Training Experience Overview Virtual Training Experience Overview

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