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One of the most critical factors in your sales organization's performance is - you guessed it - the managers you've chosen to lead it. After all, one of the biggest determinants of a sales person's success is the coaching they receive. These managers are incredibly important, and yet not all are trained or expert on how to coach effectively to a sales process. 

To drive your team's sales process internalization, activity and overall performance, consider IMPAX's Coaching the Sales Process program. This hands-on, in-person workshop will help your managers with the full spectrum of coaching excellence.

Over the course of two days, we will cover the following with your sales leadership team:

  • Assessing your coaching capabilities and style
  • Coaching strategies for the different stages of the sales process
  • Conducting effective individual coaching sessions 
  • Identifying opportunities for hands-on coaching
  • Reviewing potential pitfalls and techniques to avoid them
  • Analyzing & role-playing challenging sales coaching situations

Upon completing our Coaching the Sales Process program, your sales managers will have the tools, confidence and experience to manage their teams effectively and in support of the sales process, helping to drive adoption and the overall performance of the entire organization.