Brittany Laurent

IMPAX Named to Selling Power's 2018 "Top 20 Sales Training Companies" List!

IMPAX is excited to officially announce that we have been named to Selling Power's 2018 list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies that excel in helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. According to Selling Power publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, sales training is a key area of competitive differentiation for B2B sales teams.

"To compete today, B2B sales leaders must invest in the right kind of sales training for their teams," says Gschwandtner. "Most salespeople are weakest in the area of selling skills, and improvements can make a huge difference in revenue achievement. We are proud to announce this list of sales training companies that can help sales leaders sort through their options and select the best partner to help them improve." 

To be considered, IMPAX submitted a comprehensive application back in March that included a detailed overview of our offerings for both sales training and retention, innovative solutions/services we have launched, and our company's unique contributions to the sales training marketplace. Additionally, we had ten clients submit a survey on their experience working with us, their satisfaction with the results from training and likelihood they would work with us in the future.

The four main criteria used to select this year's list were:

  1. Depth and breadth of training offered
  2. Innovative offerings (specific training courses or methodology) or delivery methods
  3. Contributions to the sales-training market
  4. Strength of client satisfaction

We are honored to once again be named to this prestigious list. Based on the applications and customer feedback, the Selling Power Top 20 selection committee believes IMPAX has the potential to help sales teams achieve significantly better results - not just for our customers and their bottom lines, but for their own customers as well.

We look forward to another dynamic, exciting year ahead!


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