IMPAX Sales Performance and DSI Partners Consulting Form Strategic Distribution Partnership

IMPAX Sales Performance and DSI Partners Consulting Form Strategic Distribution Partnership

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IMPAX Sales Performance (Minneapolis, MN) and DSI Partners Consulting (Sorocaba, Brazil) have signed a strategic distribution agreement allowing DSI Partners Consulting to promote and deliver IMPAX sales training courses in Latin America.  Luis Mendonca, DSI Partners CEO and DSI Academy Dean, shared,

"We are thrilled that we have entered into this strategic partnership with IMPAX Sales Performance through which we will provide IMPAX NxtGen Strategic Sales and other courses to B2B clients in Latin America.  Our culture, traits, values and purpose are convergent and we are sure that, together, we will strengthen our commitment to the transfer of quality knowledge, so that executives and companies in the region can continue on a path of growth and sustainable profitability." 

The agreement allows participants to apply completion of the IMPAX course toward a DSI Academy Executive Certificate.  Tony Ennis, IMPAX Principal and Vice-President - Business Development shared his enthusiasm for the new partnership,

"IMPAX is excited by the strong business fit between our companies.  DSI Partners is a purpose-driven organization with tremendous executive experience.  We look forward to collaboratively bringing great value to clients in the LATAM region through this new partnership.  Working together, we will continue our focus to help value-leading companies more effectively position their value and transform the way they sell and manage customer relationships." 

About DSI Partners Consulting

DSI Partners is a strategy and management boutique specializing in Transformational Strategy. It offers the first business academy in Latin American specializing in transformational strategy.  The DSI Academy was designed to offering high-level executive education programs in disciplines related to transformational strategy.  Our goal is to develop the knowledge of Latin American managers in transformational strategy, maximizing their lifelong learning experience.  By prioritizing learning, individuals and organizations can confidently find the future.  Companies that adopt global changes towards lifelong learning will reap the benefits of having in-house talent, always up to date.  Executives who strive to train and improve knowledge will find greater employment opportunities through the educational programs offered by DSI Academy Online Campus.

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About IMPAX Sales Performance

IMPAX Sales Performance is a global sales performance acceleration company focused on helping value-leading B2B organizations increase success and drive results.  IMPAX combines a rich experience enhancing client success with a continuous drive to improve, earning us consistent recognition by Selling Power as a "Top 20 Sales Training Company" and a "Top 20 Online Sales Training Company".  IMPAX's comprehensive set of sales performance solutions includes training, coaching and consulting.

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