Dan Kosch

Making How We Sell the Biggest Differentiator

"Because how you sell might be your biggest differentiation"

This is a tag line that I use on my emails.  I've always believed this to be true, but it's nice to be reminded just how true it really is!  I had a few things happen recently that brought this to life.

First, during a relationship review with a nine-year client who is a large producer of paper, (which some people might argue is a commodity) - an executive commented that their sales process has totally differentiated their company in the marketplace, and that they are perceived as a partner to a majority of their customers.

Second, I was gathering some feedback in preparation for a relationship review with an IT Services client.  I found myself reviewing reinforcement session input from a number of sales people - here were a few of the comments I ran across:

  • "I have received a lot of positive feedback.  I feel our sales process changes the conversation and shows that we have earned the right to ask for the business."
  • "I have seen walls come down with regards to being seen as a partner and not just a vendor.  It is time well spent.  Customers are used to only being sold to."
  • "At Cabella, the customer commented, 'you can tell you really took your time and did your homework.'"

Third, an IMPAX teammate recently sent out an email from the sales leader of one of his clients - a large specialty chemicals company - sharing the reaction to using their sales process.  The audience included a VP of Operations and several category managers. Their reaction was, "It was an excellent presentation. [...] It's nice to see a supplier come in so well prepared and address all our important initiatives with an action plan." 

The sales leader commented,

"Not only was the client impressed with our insight into their company's strategy and challenges, they asked us to schedule time to begin partnering with them for the future growth of their company...and they never brought up price!"

These were a few good reminders that not only is this a cool tagline - it's true!  Are you differentiating yourself, your solutions and your company by how you sell? 


Brittany Laurent

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