Opportunity Through Adversity: Leading Your Team Through Uncertain Times

We can probably all agree - now is a uniquely challenging time to be in sales, relationship management, and sales management. In the face of a global pandemic and drastic changes in the way we all work, the current situation has created uncertainty within sales teams.

Amidst these unprecedented times, there is more commoditization and pressure on sales, and the importance of selling the value associated with our products and services has never been greater.

Last week, IMPAXers Mark Shonka and Brittany Laurent had an opportunity to speak on this topic at Selling Power's Sales 3.0 virtual conference. They shared ideas  on how to lead your sales team during times of uncertainty, to help it emerge intact and even stronger in a post-COVID world.

Key to success are focusing on these three areas: 
  • Leveraging a positive mindset;
  • Helping your teams sell value;
  • Investing in your team through development.
While the event itself is over, it's not too late to learn some of the best practices they shared! Check out this whitepaper with key ideas for leading your sales team through uncertain times. It shares five best practices, along with a tool for assessing and mapping where your team members are at! 






Brittany Laurent

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