Sales Tip: Cross Selling

Sales Tip: Cross Selling

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Mark Shonka

Mark Shonka Mark Shonka

Almost every company and sales professional are challenged to drive revenue growth, and most are looking to their current customers as one of the highest potential opportunities for growth. Companies are constantly making acquisitions, developing new solutions, and creating product extensions, and they recognize the value of leveraging their current customers as a target market. 

Cross selling is a simple concept. We all get it. But how do we cross sell both effectively and efficiently? Consider the value of the IMPAX Relationship Review Presentation. Delivering a relationship review allows us to get in front of a senior level decision maker and follow the TUFA flow. When we do this, we:

  • Share a crisp, current understanding of their business direction and challenges, showing them that we continue to do our homework and never take them for granted.
  • Provide an update on our business to show that we continue to grow and innovate. This is an ideal time to share, at a high level, our new products and solutions.
  • Reflect on our relationship – our activities, successes, challenges, and the business value we have created together for the customer.
  • Present the strong business fit between our companies, and how it can get even stronger in the coming years.
  • Suggest and discuss a series of actions to take the relationship further. This leads to a robust discussion and a mutual commitment to an action plan.

It is hard to imagine a better time to ask for a contract extension, an opportunity to present a new solution, or an introduction to another person/group within the company. The customer knows we understand their business direction, see us continuing to innovate and grow, and understand the value we bring to their business.

We will conclude with a critical IMPAX belief: The best time to ask a customer for a new commitment is when we have reflected on the value we are creating together.

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